Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Favourite Ads of 2012

I wanted to post this article at least by 5th January 2013 if not on the New Year’s Day itself, but could not manage it; anyway better late than never so here goes. I have listed below ten of my favourite ads launched in India in 2012, they are not arranged in any order of preference; I  also wrote about one ad which has left me bewildered. 

1. Sprite:  "Uske paas car hai..." and "Uske paas guitar hai..."
This ad is very entertaining and high on energy, an excellent way to get the message across that one who drinks Sprite is smart and quick thinking. I like the way the main model has acted.

2. Voltas All weather AC: Murthy
This set of three ads is one of my all time favourites despite the small accuracy with regard to Cherrapunji. I had written about it in this blog, see Murthy  Knows Best.

3. Bournvita: "Aap ko hindi aati hai? Mujhe bhi aati hai"
I have no comments to make for the ad speaks for itself, the ad effectively conveys the message that Bournvita makes kids smart.

4. Britannia Bourbon Cappucino.
What I find interesting about this ad is that nowhere is it shown that anyone is enjoying Britannia Bourbon Cappuccino biscuits, in fact the young man who is served the biscuits is clearly let down because he was expecting coffee and not biscuits; even after eating the biscuits he is not happy but tries to force a false smile. I do not need to write anymore since I have already done a post on this ad, please see Biscuits with Coffee. We usually see ads that show one or more people showing happiness, ejoyment or satisfaction after consuming or using the product advertised, but this Britannia Bourbon Cappuccino ad is just the opposite, yet it creates a desire to try the product. I personally bought a packet after seeing the ad a few times.  

5. Windows 8: Lenka: Everything At Once
This ad was created by JWT Beijing, I love the lyrics and I think they match the product proposition perfectly.

6. Airtel:  "Jo tera hai who mera hai..."
This campaign continues with the friendship theme of the 2011 campaign but with a difference. This time the emphasis is on sharing with friends while earlier it was all about staying connected with friends. This like before is targeted at youngsters who are in their late teens or early twenties, for this target group sharing through the internet is important. The ad is well executed and is high on energy.

7. Hippo World Toasties: Flavours Without Boundries
When Parle Hippo Chips was first launched in India the ad showed Hippo as a messenger of peace. The feeling we get in the Hippo World Toasties is quite similar, it is about sharing and bringing the world together – a world without boundaries.  I think it is a good way telling people about the fact that Hippo World Toasties is available in different flavours from different parts of the world. the ad was well executed.

8. Greenlam Laminates: Zamaane ko sajaana hai
Whether plywood or laminates in all ads of Greenply Industries Ltd. humour has been used very effectively including this Saundarya Premi ad for Greenlam Laminates. It is not just entertaining it puts the message across quite effectively by engaging the viewer.

9. Axis Bank: Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi
This ad tells the story of a young man who gets a job, later gets married and has his own family and finally sets up his own business and wins an award. All this happens seamlessly and Axis Bank is shown to help him all the way. Apart from being executed beautifully this ad has an emotional content.  

10. CEAT SUV Tyres: Kahan rukna hai pata hai
This campaign of two (so far at least) ads have emphasized the “exceptional grip and stopping power…” of CEAT SUV tyres in a light hearted way. The person who uses CEAT SUV tyres is shown as a sensible person who knows when and where to stop and is cautious enough to not fall for any kin of a trap. This reminds one of the CEAT bike tyres campaign where the treatment was very different, the horror of a possible accident was shown right on the face, I quite like the difference in the creative treatment of these two campaigns of CEAT.

This ends my favourite ads of 2012.

Morphy Richards Juicers: Extract Every Last Drop
Now I come to the ad which has confused me and it is of Morphy Richards Juicers: Extract Every Last Drop. What I find strange is that brand is associated with corruption; just as corrupt officials extract every rupee out of an ordinary man Morphy Richards Juicers extract every last drop.  I wonder how the company and its advertising agency could think of associating the brand with corruption, is it not bad for the image of the brand? Or maybe the makers of the ad think differently, they perhaps feel that Indians have become so used to corruption that associating with corruption will have no negative effect on the brand, it is just humour after all. But will the ad build a positive image for the brand? It obviously cannot with a creative of this kind, I think these guys just could not think of good ideas. Morphy Richards is an internationally reputed brand and they are just junking its reputation here with this ad. I hope they do not continue with such advertising.

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