Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Short Comments - 2

Full page ad
 This is continuing from my earlier post. There are two press ads I would like to write about one is the full page jacket ad announcing the diamond jubilee of Vicco Laboratories and the other is that of Silk Museum, well there is nothing much to write about because the copy in these ads speak for themselves; the Vicco ad is quite interesting in peculiar way, but I have not understood the headline. What does 'Affluent Tradition & Opulent Heritage' mean? I am totally foxed!
The above is an ad of a saree shop located in central Bombay. The copy reads ans you can see,'Enhance The Status of the wives of the Own of Private Plane,...' This according to me, as I understand strictly from the above ad, means if you buy sarees from Silk Museum you will be enhancing the status of the wives (how many wives is not specified) of one guy who owns a plane, helicopters, luxury cars and he also happens to own film stars, politicians and one industrialist; this guy, whoever he is, surely is unique and has no parallel any where in the world. Now what are Hi-Fi sarees, as far as I know hi fi is short form for high fidelity, what does it mean here? 

Thanks to to such interesting ads, they surely bring joy to everyday humdrum and stress, don't they?

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