Saturday, November 1, 2014

Maggi Masala Noodles 2014 – Bringing Spice to Life

I like this Maggi Masala Noodles TV ad because of its simplicity and single-mindedness, it does not say much but effectively communicates the message that Maggi Noodles is for everybody. Maggi Noodles was introduced in India more than 25 years and is going strong. When this product was launched it was targeted at the urban household, small children being the consumers and the mother being the provider and the one to decide. Over the years new variants were introduced which targeted various segments of the market – such as the health conscious, the fun loving, the aged, the young and the adventurous; so today Maggi Noodles caters to people belonging to all age groups, geographical locations but the core target
group consumer still seems to be children in urban areas.  
In the recent ads which were produced when the product completed 25 years, an attempt was made to show that Maggi Noodles is accepted at a pan India level and that it is consumed by all age groups and

people from different walks of life. However the urban feel was always there; props like the dining table, modern kitchen and other furniture shown in the ads reinforced the urban, high income group feel. Take the Maggi Hungroo ad featuring Amitabh Bachchan for example, we see Mr. Bachchan actually describing the typical consumer of Maggi Noodles, who is a city boy, a college student, plays cricket, has a girl friend, goes cycling, goes for movies and so on; it is an interesting ad, watch it here: MAGGI Hungrooo New Ad with AmitabhBachchan

This new ad under review, through the Masala variant, a taste generally acceptable to the average Indian, takes Maggi Noodles to the people belonging to the lower socio-economic class and also to non-urban areas. My guess is that the urban markets may be getting saturated and this prompted the makers, Nestlé India Ltd., to tap the rural areas and also consumers belonging to lower strata of
society; to put it simply the very ordinary Indian. This is one segment of the market which can promise a higher growth in sales.
The ad shows a very ordinary room, devoid of furniture that one would associate with urban living. The young mother and her son are shown sitting on the floor while eating Maggi Noodles. What is interesting is that the mother is not averse to preparing Maggi Noodles. There is an emotional part to this ad which is about sharing a simple joy – the boy is happy so is his mother, Maggi Masala Noodles brings joy to their simple life.

What comes out strongly is the message that simple people also know about Maggi Noodles, it is easy to prepare and they enjoy eating it and also that it is affordable – the boy is shown giving the shopkeeper a coin for a packet of Maggi Noodles. Maggi Noodles has an urban / higher socio-economic class image which is barrier that this ad tries to remove while keeping the proposition of great taste, health, fun and togetherness intact.
Please watch the ad below, I could not find the Hindi version on YouTube so here is the Telugu version.


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