Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Short Comments on12.12.12

Today happens to be 12.12.12, a unique combination of numbers; I did not plan to do a post today but the date being12.12.12 I thought why not write a few short comments on recent press ads today. All these ads were released in The Times of India, Mumbai edition.

Comfort After Wash Fabric Conditioner
Comfort Fabric Softener has been around for a very long time but now the positioning seems to have changed. My personal feeling is that when you call it a fabric softener you send a definite message that it softens fabric, but what is a fabric conditioner? The ad says it gives clothes shine and fragrance, “the clothes are super soft” is mentioned in smaller types. Has the brand/product proposition become a little blurred now?       

Good Day Biscuits
This is an innovative ad from Britannia but look at the howler; it says ‘Good Day’ right in the middle of a tragedy. Later The Times of India apologized because some readers found it insensitive.
Banning Gutkha
I never ever imagined that I would see ads like these. The  manufacturers of gutkha have protested the ban on gutkha, according to them cigarettes are far more harmful when compared to gutkha yet it is gutkha that is banned and not cigarettes. Harm caused by gutkha is quite well-known but I feel gutkha manufacturers have a point, why ban gutkha when cigarette smoking continues to be legal? In my opinion cigarettes should also be banned!
Mother Dairy
 Mother Dairy recently changed the look of their plastic pouch containers and ran a short ad campaign. I always knew what whole milk is but did not exactly know the difference between toned milk and skimmed milk; thanks to their campaign I know now.

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