Thursday, September 15, 2011 - NO KIDDING.NO WORRIES.

Online shopping in India is growing steadily after a slow start however there are many who are suspicious about buying anything online, some are not comfortable with concept.  The current three-ad campaign of deals with three fears people have which makes them resistant to online shopping,  these being: (1)  What if I receive faulty products? (2) Will I get the original product with original warranty? (3) I am not comfortable using credit card for online shopping because of frauds? tries to allay these fears through their current ad campaign on television.

Online shopping is a fairly new concept however ordering things by mail has been around for decades long before the age of the internet; even then the
same three fears existed in the minds of consumers which prevented them from ordering by mail. The fears are not baseless, after all people do get cheated when ordering online and same was the case in the past when people ordered by mail. Credit card frauds also are quite common. Apart from the three fears which has addressed in their ad campaign there is a fourth fear which they have not addressed and that is – When  order something online, will I receive it on time or do I have to make frantic calls after placing my order?

If online shopping has to work consumers have to trust the online seller who in turn must be truly trustworthy. through its ad campaign is trying removing fears in the consumers’ minds and sending a message that it is trustworthy and a reliable seller of goods. This makes sense but what I have not understood is the idea of showing kids behaving like adults, how does this help in creating trust? I feel it diverts attention from the message wishes to convey. The kids (behaving like adults) are used to perhaps attract the viewers and engage them; I do not see any other reason but I think there are far more effective ways of doing it. In order to justify the creative idea they have used a super in each of the three films saying ‘NO KIDDING. NO WORRIES.’, this does not in any way add strength to the message.

I recall a campaign of SIL Jams where it was the opposite, grown-ups were shown behaving like children; the message was that the SIL Jams tastes so good that grown-ups begin to behave like children. However in the ad campaign there seems to be no connection. The message that wishes to convey is strong enough and they (including their ad agency) could have thought of a better way convey it instead of ‘kidding’. I do admit though that the kids were directed well and they acted really well.

 Watch the TV commercials below:

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