Sunday, September 4, 2011

Metallic Press Advertisement

Wow! they really think up new ideas to get noticed. The latest Volkswagen ad which was a four-page special silvery insert or should I say a pull-out with The Times of India dated August 29, 2011 was to my mind an interesting and innovative advertisement. Some say it was gimmicky but nevertheless the ad got noticed, so it served its purpose. What do you do when there is no significant difference in brands, in this case cars? In such a case the ad agency thinks of some great creative idea which can get the ad noticed and
remembered, or a celebrity is used, or expenditure on advertising is increased if the client can afford it. In the case this press ad innovation was made in the medium of advertising itself.

The ad was for Volkswagen Jetta and the cover looked like a regular copy of The Times Of India except that it had a silvery metallic look. I guess it had three layers - paper, foil and plastic film; the printing I think was done in the reverse on the plastic film against the foil. The inside printing was on the paper layer. This makes one recall the 'talking newspaper' ad last year which featured Volkswagen Vento. I now wonder what surprise Volkswagen will throw up next year.
Front page

Back page
Note: The patchiness seen in the front and back pages were caused by reflection on the foil.

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