Monday, February 14, 2011

You Are Never Too Old For Sil

I would like to go on rewind mode this time and would like to recall the Sil Jams TV campaign which caught the attention of TV viewers more than a decade ago; I do not recall the exact year. The campaign comprised two commercials and the message was that the jams were so tasty that they brought out the child in you. One commercial was set in a boardroom where very senior gentlemen were shown to be holding a meeting, their behaviour underwent a complete transformation when snacks were served with Sil Jams – each of them began to behave and talk like small children. The other TV commercial features ‘experts’ giving
their opinion on Sil Jams, these ‘experts’ are actually grownups behaving and talking in the voice of kids. The punch line of these two commercials is: Sil Fresh Fruit Jams, you are never too old for Sil!
When I viewed the ads in the beginning I did not quite like them because I found them bizarre; grownup men behaving like kids and also talking in the voice of kids appeared obnoxious to me, but at the same time I also found the ads funny in an odd way. It is this oddity which worked for the brand. Jam ads are quite rare and whatever ads I saw prior to Sil jams were always associated with children, this was the tradition. Sil has dared to be different and it worked for them, it truly became a memorable campaign. It is said you cannot expect creative people to think in a logical fashion, if you want great creative output you might have to be crazy at times, but there has to be a method in the madness. Sil Jams ads are crazy and I am happy that they have continued with the same theme even till recently.

The theme Sil brings out the child in you is even carried to their website. In 2008 Scandic Food India Pvt Ltd., a Danish subsidiary of Good Food Group, acquired Sil from Marico Industries Limited, it would be interesting to see what future plans Scandic Food India has in mind for the jam range and the brand Sil. Will they continue with the crazy ads? Will the crazy ads work in future? Well we will have to wait and watch.

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  1. I LOVED the first one ( men in the board meeting one) Gets the message across perfectly.

    Though this is a very original and fresh idea, I guess if they do it everytime, the audience could get a bit bored!

    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this Aroop. I hope you're doing well.