Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tata Sky – Poochneme Ka Jaata Hai

The Tata Sky advertising campaign which is currently running is one of my favourites. It is a three ad campaign on TV supported by outdoor; these ads have the ability to grab attention, arouse curiosity, engage the viewer by entertaining and convey the advertising message very effectively.

The target consumer is the one who has a limited household budget, is a simple person and slightly hesitant to go in for DTH because he perceives it
to be unaffordable; this campaign tries to correct this perception. The ads are in two parts, in the first part the characters make strange requests in the most difficult situations and are able to get what they want; the moral of the story being-- Do not hesitate to ask because you never know that you could be in for a pleasant surprise. In the second part the actual advertising message that Tata Sky has affordable options is conveyed very effectively. The first part of the ads is quite dramatic and entertaining and also arouses curiosity; you will want to know as to what will happen next. These ads seem to remind the consumer of his/her right to ask for information and give you the impression that it is only Tata Sky among all DTH operators which offers you affordable options. 

The films have been made very well, from scripting to final execution. What is noteworthy is that good actors have been used and not celebrities who mainly draw attention to themselves. When you have an excellent creative idea why would you need a celebrity? I am happy they did not use Amir Khan this time, to my mind he was getting stale and acted rather self-consciously in the recent Tata Sky ads, in comparison the two young actors were very natural. Quite recently Tata Sky ran a campaign where too there was no celebrity and I had commented on it, to read please click Channel Thali Meal.
Watch the the TV commercials here:




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