Monday, January 30, 2012

Union Bank of India – Fulfilling Dreams

 Last year we saw an interesting TV campaign by Union Bank of India. It was a three ad campaign featuring Ajit Tendulkar (Sachin’s brother), Aruna Anand (Vishwanathan Anand’s wife) and Manoj Singh (Vijender Singh’s brother) and was listed among the top ten in 2011 by All About Ads (NDTV Profit). This campaign is based on the insight that an individual does not fulfil his dreams only through his own efforts, but people close to him have crucial roles to play in fulfilling his dreams; this is the theme of the campaign as well. The actual advertising message, to my mind, is that Union Bank of India can help
you achieve your dreams; this message is not said in so many words but is implied. The campaign is targeted at the youth who have dreams and need some help, in this case financial, to achieve them. The Bank had also organized an event in Mumbai where people we invited to talk about their dreams and Union Bank offered to help them fulfil them through their various loans which are available without hassles, watch video . I guess similar events might have been organized in other cities as well, though I do not know for sure.
I must say that the campaign was definitely cost effective because three celebrities were used but without actually using them – Sachin Tendulkar through his brother, Vijender Singh through his brother and Vishwanathan Anand through his wife; this was clever. This reminds me of an animation TVC for Googly Biscuits, in this ad a cartoon character closely resembling Sourav Ganguly was created, I had written a post on this, here’s the link.
 I think the proposition in this ad campaign was a bit too subtle or rather incomplete, maybe it would be a good idea and logical to have a follow up campaign where the TA could be told as to how exactly Union Bank India plans to fulfil their dreams.

Watch the TV commercials here:
 Ajit Tendulkar
Aruna Anand
Manoj Singh

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  1. Agree on 2 points: implied use of celebrities, and incomplete message.

    However, I somehow felt that the ad did not convey the message on the first exposure. It lacked attention seeking cues, and it was only on the succeeding exposures that I noticed this one. It is far too subtle, and the lack of sufficient time meant that the link of Aruna Anand to Vishy Anand took some time to sink in. This ad in print medium - especially magazines - would have been perfect, and got the message through admirably well. But on TV... well, I dont think it got the message through to the target audience. That is the key- the target audience