Wednesday, January 10, 2018

EyeSpa - For Your Eyes Only

EyeSpa Relaxing Eye Drops was launched pretty recently, couple of years or so; it addresses the problem of eye irritations caused due to various reasons. The campaign has caught my eye.
Eye irritation is a common occurrence and the obvious remedy is to use clean water to wash the eyes and get some relief. But what does one do if the problem persists; consulting a doctor is an option but could be
expensive and unnecessary for a minor irritation. Ideally if some remedy could be at hand it would be a better option. Optrex in the OTC category has been around for decades, it was used to wash the eyes to get relief from irritation. The product was advertised well and was pretty popular in the past. Optrex eye drops was introduced later, I feel it does not have a major presence today.

There are plenty of eye drops brands in the ethical category for which you would need a doctor’s prescription to buy, but there were hardly in the OTC category which had a major presence. There was a need for general eye drops in the OTC category which people could by freely without visiting the doctor for a prescription; at least I do not of any OTC eye drops brand which fulfilled this need. It is this gap in the market that LifeZen, makers of EyeSpa have tried to plug.
The target consumers for EyeSpa are persons who suffer from minor irritation or stress and strain caused by: overwork in the office, working in the kitchen, outdoor activity, studying for exams or just reading. These situations are pretty common. When EyeSpa was first introduced the press ad addressed the problem of itchy, prickly tired and irritating dry eyes, the ad urged the consumer to take remedial action by using EyeSpa. The message was very clear and easy to understand and the visual was truly eye-catching, see above.

Later there was a four-ad campaign in the press each addressing a situations, as earlier mentioned, where one can suffer from adverse effect in the eyes. These ads have a common theme - Khushi ke Ansoo, see below.

There are two other ads which have a different look; the message conveyed in these are pretty direct without beating around the bush. Apart from these there other small press ad which keep appearing now and then, these serve as reminders. See below.

There is also a TV commercial on similar lines, view below.

Note: If you are unable to view the video here please view it on YouTube by clicking here.

I find the ad campaign for EyeSpa impressive and it does attempt to solve a common problem; I am waiting to see what LifeZen will do next to promote EyeSpa. I am sure the company has opened the doors for new players to enter the eye drops market in the OTC segment, some ethically promoted eye drops brands might also convert to OTC if EyeSpa does well.

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