Saturday, January 17, 2015


At the beginning of every year I generally pick out some of my favourite ads of the previous year and write about them, this year I will not do that, instead I will make short comments on a few ads that caught my attention. So let me begin:

This is a five ad campaign, I am not aware if there are more, where the message in each ad is very clear, that when you need to by a car you do not need to go around asking different people, nor will ask you unnecessary questions. The reason being that they are the experts in cars. The links to the ads are given below:

Mother Dairy Doodh

The visual in this ad bears a striking similarity to one of my favourite stop motion animation videos, click here Her Morning Elegance to view it and decide for yourself. I think it is okay to be inspired by what you see and experience but simply copying thoughtlessly is not good advertising.


It is quite obvious that this ad is targeted at the Indian traveller. Interaction between the grandfather and grandson has been used to dispel any doubt or wrong ideas the Indian traveller might have regarding Germans. The ad has been directed very well and I quite like the way the little boy reacts to whatever his grandfather says.

The audio in this ad has a striking resemblance to the song in this video Lenka – Everything At Once. This music video of Lenka was use for launching Windows 8. Watch the ad below:

Philips Air Fryer
This product belongs to a whole new category; the ad presents a new concept – using air to fry food. The concept is beautifully explained and the benefit that is communicated is that you need to use very little oil if you are using Philips Air Fryer; hence the food is better for health. I think it is a simple, no frills ad that explains the concept of air frying perfectly.

Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrushes
We have heard of charcoal being used for purifying water but this is the first time that charcoal is being used in toothbrushes for cleaning teeth, the ad explain how charcoal infused toothbrushes are better. I have yet to see this in shops; it would be interesting to see how this new concept in brushing works with consumers.

Hi Care
When you first see the ad you get the impression that the product being advertised is for protection against rain, the product is actually against pests. While reading the newspaper people generally do not read the copy of those ads that are of no interest to them, so it is imperative that the visual create the right impression at the first glance.


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