Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My favourite ads of 2013

Another year gone by and I remember some interesting ads which were first seen on Indian television last year. I give below short comments on 10 of my favourite television campaigns during 2013.

1.    Bharati Axa – Aap yenha aaye kis liye
I find this ad quite entertaining and engaging with good use of humour; the message here is that claims settlement with Bharati Axa is a simple process
and that their staff will make extra efforts to help you. 

2.    Tzinga – I am feeling sleepy o mamma
I find this ad entertaining, energetic, and humourous.

3.    Axis Bank – Progress Together

The message is very clear when one individual makes progress others connected to him/her benefit and also progress in turn, this causes a kind of chain reaction. I do not think the thought behind the ad is original but I think the story in this ad has been beautifully told, what is implied is that Axis Bank helps all the way in progressing together. This reminds me of the earlier campaign in the year 2012 which was also about a story beautifully narrated. Please watch the ad on Axis Bank’s YouTube Channel, click here - Progress Together.

4.    Idea – Exchange of phones
A boy makes his quarrelling parents understand each other by simply exchanging their phones.

5.    Fiat India – Adoption
While talking about Fiat car this ad also gives a social message.

6.    Maggi Noodles – Good Acting

 I like this ad not because of Amitabh Bachchan but because of the boy featured in this ad, I loved his acting. I had written about this earlier in this blog, please see my post MAGGI 2- Minute Mein Khushiyan.

7.    Bourn Vita – Mother and Son
This ad is quite different from the usual health drink ads including those of Bourn Vita we have seen in the past, these ads usually claim that drinking the particular brand of health drink is good for the child’s health and growth or makes your child more energetic and/or increases his/her stamina. The claims made in such ads are usually supported by saying that the product contains certain vital ingredients which make it very healthy. The original claim of health does exist in this ad but communication is at a different level; this ad is about being a good parent and understanding the needs of the growing child.

8.    Book Your Table.Com
This campaign comprises three humourous ads that are entertaining and make the campaign memorable.

9.    Titan Watches – Farewell Gift
The objective of this ad, as it appears, is to promote Titan Watches as ideal gifts. It is quite an engaging ad and I like the manner in which the mood is built little by little; the emotional content surely helps one to remember this ad.   

10.    Sprite – Clever Chap
The one who drinks Sprite is always clever and he thinks quickly and unconventionally. This is a two ad campaign; the ads are naughty, funny and engaging. I would like to point out that the ads of Sprite have always maintained high quality both in the creative content and execution; Sprite does not need any celebrity endorsement. I am eager to see what kind of campaign they plan for the summer of 2014.

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