Saturday, October 13, 2012

Godrej Security Solutions -- Peace of mind

 The ad I am writing about is that of Godrej Security Solutions – ‘Ab Musibat Se Darna Kaisa’, the product is Godrej High Tech Home safes. This ad shows two burglars trying to pry open a safe in a home while the couple is not bothered. When the lady asks what is the matter the man calmly replies, "Kuch nahi, vo chor hai". Clearly he is not the least concerned by the fact that
two burglars are in his home and are trying to open the safe, but the man’s only problem is that he is disturbed by the noise the burglars are making while try to force the safe open, so he picks up his ear plugs and wears them, after that both go to sleep. The burglars in the mean time decide to take a snack break after being unsuccessful in opening the safe.
The ad has a light touch of humour; the script of the ad is totally absurd and can never happen in real life. But exaggeration and absurdities have always been used in for advertising; there is nothing wrong with that. The purpose of using exaggeration and absurdities is to engage the viewer or the prospective customer and effectively get the message across, in this case the underlying message is pretty obvious – ‘You do not have to worry if you own a Godrej safe’ or put in other words ‘Godrej Security Solutions gives you peace of mind’. The message is conveyed quite effectively and in simple and straight forward way.
Two years ago Godrej ran the ‘Hum Chor Hain’ ad, it was written about in this blog by my co-blogger Shilpi Bose; please read Security or Veiled Threat . This ad featured robbers who looked and presented themselves as very decent people; they did not look or behave like regular crooks one tends to identify with, they were shown to be very polite. This was an interesting idea but the ad did not really offer any solution to security problems and the message was actually to the contrary, the unsaid message was – You can never be safe, some crooks will always find a way to rob you, this to mind was a mistake on the part of the company and its ad agency. The company and its agency seemed to have realized their earlier mistake and have offered a solution to household security problems in the ‘Ab Musibat Se Darna Kaisa’ ad, the proposition being: With Godrej safes your valuables will always be safe and therefore you are assured of peace of mind.

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