Saturday, May 14, 2011

VIP Skybags - Johnny The Bear

The right consumer insight can lead to great and memorable advertising campaigns. Companies spend large amounts of money on market research to learn consumer behaviour and gain insights that would enable them to build a campaign around it. Whenever I see the recent TV commercial of VIP Skybag I cannot help but wonder as to what could have been the insight on which the ad was based. The ad appears to inspire the target audience to bring about a change in their lives but it is done in a bizarre way. The
message in this ad is to emphasize that VIP Skybags are stylish and can bring a change in the user’s attitude, you become more stylish and confident and as a result of which people admire you. The underlying message makes sense but the manner in which it was conveyed, that is the creative, is rather difficult to digest. Johnny the bear transforming into John Abraham, the actor – I wonder what made the agency think of such a script.

What does the Johnny the bear represent? Does he represent the target consumer? If so isn’t this ad treating the consumer with contempt? The company and the agency must have done some kind of research before planning this campaign. What kind of consumer insights did the research reveal I am curious to know? The bear was used only to draw attention and I am sure that the recall of the ad will be high for a short time while the campaign is on, but how will it help the brand VIP Skybag? Will the target consumer take this ad seriously? The creative idea is quite senseless, wonder why O&M could not think of anything better considering the fact that this agency is a powerhouse of creativity. Maybe creativity does not happen all the time even with O&M, so this time let us bear with them. Watch the commercial below:

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  1. What a pointless advert!

    Hope you are doing well, Aroop.