Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thums Up New TV Commercial -- The Action Continues

The above picture is from the latest Thums Up TV commercial which is yet to be released. The brand Thums Up has been associated with action, courage and dare-devilry for quite some years; although I am not in favour of using celebrities I find that alongwith Akshay Kumar’s celebrity status his action hero image plays an important role in the brand’s positioning. All the three cola brands have been using celebrities for years; currently Pepsi is trying to appeal to the youth with its ‘Youngistan’ campaign perhaps trying to reposition Coca-Cola as fuddy-duddy like it occasionally did in the past. Coca-Cola in turn has been also trying to give itself a youthful image by using Imran Khan. Interestingly Amir Khan endorsed the brand earlier and now the baton has passed on to his young nephew Imran.

Thums Up also from the Coca-Cola stable has a positioning that is distinctly different; age is bypassed in favour of an association of with action, courage and dare-devilry. The brand does not use the celebrity as a crutch here. If in future the company decides to stop using a celebrity and instead uses a professional model, it will not matter much as long as the association with action, courage and dare-devilry continues.

For a sneak preview of the new Thums Up commercial visit


  1. what's the difference between Mountain dew positioning and Thumps positioning?? I think there is no big difference.

  2. Sounds like an interesting advert. I'm unable to view the link though. Maybe I'll try some other time.

  3. Hi Raghav,

    I agree with you. Positioning of Mountain Dew and Thums Up are strikingly similar but they do not confuse the viewer since the the two are separate product categories