Saturday, August 7, 2010

Frooti Advertising Always Fresh and Juicy – Consistent message but hope nobody was hurt while filming

‘Mango Frooti Fresh and Juicy.’ I love this rather catchy tagline. Ever since Frooti was launched this has been the theme for Frooti’s ad campaign. What do I like best about their campaign?

No celebrity endorsement.

 The message has essentially been the same only the approach has changed over the years; it is a fun drink, everybody loves it and it is a good substitute for mangoes.

As the years rolled by the jingle’s tune changed a bit but the line ‘Mango Frooti ---- Fresh and Juicy did not change. The latest Frooti Prank campaign continues with the same message this time with no jingle. At the end of each commercial, as the prank is revealed to the unwary people on the road, the shot freezes and you see the words Juicy Surprise Mango with a tune and a chorus of ‘La La Laa’ reminiscent of their jingle, ‘Mango Frooti Fresh and Juicy playing in the background. The underlining message continues although since last year they have also added a new tagline ‘why grow up’.

My only misgivings -- these commercials have supposedly been shot with hidden cameras, I hope the producers took adequate precautions for under such circumstances accidents can happen. I noticed the way the jogger in the ‘Footpath’ commercial in his bid to avoid the falling mango almost dashes into something, the shot has been cut at just that point. In the ‘Rolling’ commercial two ladies appear to look quite nervous and flustered as they run for their lives from the huge mango.

If all precautions were taken then this is a delightful new approach with the essentially the same message but this time drawing attention to the mango.

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