Sunday, June 6, 2010


The Tata Docomo commercial for caller tunes which is currently on air definitely strikes a chord with its message “Suno Wahi Jo Sunna Chaho”.

Docomo is a service provider, providing services similar to other service providers. It is up against the very, very, popular award winning Zoozoo campaign of Vodafone. Unlike some other service providers they do not have a celebrity to draw attention to their message. But personally I feel they better off without a celebrity. I found their concept extremely appealing, it immediately attracted my attention.

The commercial shows a man interviewing a young man who is obviously a fresh graduate. The interviewer asks the young man, “Do you have any previous experience? Will you work on weekends? Are you a team player?” He gives a negative reply to all the questions and when he is asked “Do you have a goal?” He reacts, “Uhh”, almost as if he is thinking “Goal? What is that?” Surprisingly the interviewer smiles and says “you are hired” and the voice - over says “Sono wahi Jo Sunnah chaho” (listen to what you would like to) --- I not only found the ad hilarious but it struck a chord in my heart. Way back in the eighties when I was an immature fresh graduate looking for a job, I remember telling the interviewer,”I will not work late and I will not work on weekends.” Not surprisingly I was jobless till I discovered journalism and learned to work odd hours. This was pre-globalization when the term 24x7 was yet to be coined and imagine today post globalization when working 24x7 is a foregone conclusion being offered a job even when you refuse to do so is like music to your ears.

I personally feel the ad which is obviously being targeted at the youth is quite successful in getting across its message.

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