Monday, May 24, 2010

Winter in summer

Hindustan Unilever Limited launched a campaign for Dove Shampoos just around the time summer had set in this year; the campaign is on right now while I write this blog. The ad copy is pretty direct and reads: ‘Normal anti-dandruff dry your hair. Dove is different. NO DANDRUFF NO DRYNESS.’ The model is shown wearing, what looks like, a woolen pullover; she is shown to be pulling up the neck of the pullover which is a normal behaviour of a person who is feeling very cold. Some white specks are shown on her hair, what are they? Dandruff? No, does not seem like because these specks are very large for dandruff flakes, are they snowflakes? I really have no idea. I like the ad for its straightforwardness but I do not understand why it was given a wintry look when the campaign was launched in summer.

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