Friday, April 16, 2010


The purpose of an ad is to communicate with the target audience, evoke interest, highlight product attributes and also instill a certain degree of confidence in the consumer’s mind. The latest commercial for Godrej Security Solutions fails on the last two counts. It does communicate with the target audience; it also manages to evoke interest with its comic tone but fails to highlight the product’s attributes and ironically for a product range promising ‘Security Solutions’, fails to instill confidence. It in fact manages to scare by almost making a veiled threat.

The commercial opens with two well- dressed gentlemen talking to a resident of a flat, in a very polite and courteous tone; one of the two gentlemen asks the flat’s resident to open the safety door or else they will have to break it down. The confused and frightened resident complies with the demand. Once inside the two put on their burglar masks and ask the resident, to relax while they loot him, assuring him that if they need his help they will not hesitate to call him.
The commercial closes with the a voice over assuring the viewer that you can keep burglars and robbers at bay with Godrej’s Security Solutions, even as you are left wondering – How?-- you manage to get a brief glimpse of the products.
On the face of it, the commercial is quite funny; particularly the scene of the burglars putting on the masks despite the flat’s occupant having already seen their faces is quite hilarious. This scene reinforces the cliché of burglars in masks. Humour is the only redeeming factor of the commercial.
What struck me was, if the burglars have already gained entry into a home and have assured the occupant that if necessary they will seek his help (veiled threat), I don’t see how he (the resident) will be able to protect his valuables. All the burglar has to do is point a gun and threaten his victim with dire consequences and compel the latter to divulge the combination to the safe.
Another major drawback --- there is no clear information on the product range and product attributes and benefits.
This is my opinion. Any comments?


  1. in my opinion,i guess,u havent listened to the voiceover in last that "problems dont come announced like this."so with the subtext of this voice over the add tries n create awareness not only in target consumers bt people who dont even think of subsribing to these products.which in a way expands its brand value.and the reason why the burglars asking the occupant seek his help if needed is that pointig a gun in the face is so cliche'd itself so making it more intresting n apparant the threat is conveying the message across clearly,a lack of security measures...yes as far as attributes of product is concerned i agree it could have been more explanatory.wonder if u have seen another add for godrej in which burglar robs a museum and click their own pic and give it out to the gaurds chasing them behind?

  2. Thanks Ajay for your response. Well I found no clarity in the communication of the message in this commercial. My contention is that if the burglars have already entered a home all they have to do is point a gun at the occupant and get him to reveal the combination to his safe. If it was shown that the burglars had broken into a locked home and are trying to unsuccessfully open the safe then the message conveyed would be that Godrej Security products are effective against burglary. So what problem is Godrej Security Solutions trying to solve? That is what I fail to understand.
    Yes I have seen the museum ad, please keep your comments and suggestions coming.