Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pepperfry – Why wait for Diwali?

Every year during the festival time in India, we are bombarded with special ad campaigns mainly in newspapers, TV and the internet. Most of these ads announce discounts and special offers for various products. These campaigns reach a peak during Diwali. Currently, a leading online furniture marketer, is running a pre-Diwali (2015) ad campaign – Why wait for Diwali sale? For high value products such as furniture most customers prefer postponing purchases till the time festival discounts are announced, the purpose of this campaign is to persuade customers to buy furniture, offered by Pepperfry at a discount, before stiff competition sets in during or just before Diwali. This clearly is a clever marketing move but what interested me were the scripts and the execution of the four interesting TV commercials(TVC) which comprise this campaign. You can watch the commercials at the end of this article below.

All the four ads are based on true life situations which we all experience sometime or the other, this
makes these ads meaningful to the prospective customer. Piling up books in the absence of a proper book shelf, not having enough seating space when dining, creaky bed and uncomfortable seating are situations which most people will relate to. Using situations which one can relate to and skillful use of humour in advertising can surely help in engaging with the customer/consumer. Another point I wish to make is that of the casting and direction; actors have not only been selected well but have been directed well too. Good scripting and direction has not only brought out the humour but has also conveyed the advertising message effectively.

I would like to briefly analyse each of the TVCs. In the book shelf TVC the timing of each of the things happening on the screen is perfect. I loved the changing expressions on the bearded man’s face; one,

when he tries to carefully pull out a book from the pile; two, the look of nervous satisfaction after he feels that he has successfully pulled out the book without an incident; three, the subtle look of disappointment when he realizes that he was not successful after all because books began falling behind him immediately after. The changing expression on the lady’s face is equally interesting; the expression changes from anticipation, mild horror and a moment of relief which immediately changes to disappointment.

In the Dining TVC you actually feel sorry for the guy seated on the stool, the poor fellow is ignored

only because he does not have a proper place to sit. It is not just about the inconvenience of sitting on a stool, there appears to be a subtle message that if you do not use the right furniture you run the risk of being ignored and humiliated.

 The Bed TVC is really funny and engaging. The young man tries his best to get into the creaky bed without disturbing his wife but his efforts prove to be unsuccessful. Shots have been taken from both sides of the bed heighten the effect.

In the recliner TVC we see a man making futile effort to sit comfortably on a poorly designed chair. The ad, through subtle humour, makes the target customer aware and reminds him of his discomfort and creates an urge in him to possess a recliner which is part of Pepperfry’s product range. 

Overall I think this advertising campaign has fulfilled its role in urging people to order for Pepperfry furniture right away and not wait till Diwali.  

The four TV commercials:

If you for some reason you are unable to watch the above commercials, you may watch them on YouTube by clicking the links given below:
1. Book shelf -
2. Dining -
3. Bed -
4. Recliner -

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