Monday, April 15, 2013

Bisleri 500 – ‘Kiss to drink’

The three ad TV campaign for Bisleri 500 is surely among the good ones I have seen in recent times. The 500 ml pack is now a special pack with Bisleri 500 prominently shown on the label; the ad campaign aims to popularize this pack as a convenient-to-carry pack for all age groups. In a category like bottled water it is difficult to say anything new in its advertising in order to bring about any kind of product differentiation, after all how different one brand of bottled water can be from another? The only differences there could be are the shape of the bottle and the design of the label. After a point
there is also a fear that the advertising of various brands might not appear distinctly different from one another in the eyes of the consumer, a consumer might remember the ad but might not be able to recall the brand.

This campaign is based on the insight that many people do not carry their own drinking water and prefer to drink from someone else’s bottle, as though this was not enough they also have the habit of bringing their lips in direct contact with the bottle – a very inconsiderate and disgusting habit. I can relate to this because I always carry my own bottle of water when I am outdoors for a long time, and on more than one occasion when I was accompanied by some other person I preferred to stay thirsty rather than take out the water bottle from my bag; I always feared that my companion would do exactly what is shown in these three ads – touch the bottle with his lips.

The message in the ads is very clear: If you have to kiss the bottle go and buy one for yourself, it is a convenient pack for an individual to carry. The message is communicated very effectively with a good dose of humour and education in hygiene; of the three ads my favourite is the Superhero ad.

 Watch the TV commercials here:

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