Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SUZLON -- Pure Air Lovers Society

Suzlon, a leading in wind power company launched a new ad campaign very recently called p.a.l.s (an acronym for Pure Air Lovers Society). The campaign comprised television, press and also digital media; a website -- http://pals.in has also been launched. The whole purpose of this initiative is to form a community of like-minded people who believe in keeping the air clean and also the environment clean and can also spread the message to others. The campaign addresses the youth. Suzlon is committed to sustainable development and wishes to go beyond business, beyond making wind turbines and connect with the common people with a message on caring for the environment. With this initiative the company wishes to bring about a ‘Clean Air Revolution in India’ (For more on this please read Suzlon powers new campaign for cleaner air called p.a.l.s)

While I found the press campaign quite eye-catching I cannot say the same about the TV commercial (TVC), in fact in the beginning I could not understand as to what was going on. The TVC appears to have been made
using the technique of stop-motion animation, I think a great deal of effort has gone into its making but to mind the TVC failed to convey the message effectively and clearly. There are definitely better ways of getting the message across. The frame looks too cluttered and things keep happening but the message does not really register. The jingle is ineffective since it lacks clarity – the singing is too stylized thus making it extremely difficult to follow the lyrics.

This is a clear case of the ad agency, responsible for this campaign, not planning the TVC by keeping in mind as to how the ordinary viewer would receive the communication. It must be realized that the viewer primarily watches his/her favourite programmes and not commercials. The TVC should have the ability to engage the viewer which to my mind the p.a.l.s TVC has failed to do. What the viewer sees is a cluttered frame with jerkily moving images accompanied by a jingle that cannot be understood. Sometimes we forget the simple fact that the viewer will take notice only if the ads are meaningful to him or her.

If readers have any opinion on this please feel free to comment.

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  1. Hi

    went through your blog, you have put a nice efforts in writing this article, I appreciate that. However I really not agree with your opinion that the TVCs were ineffective, when I saw these ads on TV I was really provoked to log on to website and register. there website is also super cool and they are nearing 8,00,000 registrations which is awesome.

    I think this campaign has gained success to catch the attention of people and hence is a success. I am sure the TVCs have the equal contribution in this.

  2. Thanks Ashish, I always look forward to see if there are people who disagree with me after all we all think differently. I wanted to know what others think about the TVC and I am happy that you have commented.