Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Joshbro Communications

On November 14, 2011 the Mumbai Mirror carried a rather unusual ad (shown above). It was from an ad agency called Joshbro Communications; this agency wants to recruit people.  At first glance it appears to be an ad from O&M; the ad gives a fairly detailed map showing how to reach O&M but wants job seekers to send their applications to Joshbro instead. I wondered if Joshbro’s office was located somewhere close to O&M’s office, I checked their site and found this was not the case. I found this ad bizarre, why mention O&M? How can this agency compare itself to O&M? The ad undoubtedly succeeded in drawing attention but it was of the wrong kind. I wonder why the agency did not give their own address or at least could have mentioned their website which it did not do; is the agency not proud of itself? When I checked Joshbro’s website I found that some of the work done by them for their clients were pretty good. Joshbro perhaps wanted to present a recruitment ad that would rate high on creativity but to my mind the ad proves to be rather immature and misleading.  I would invite readers to read the contents give their reactions. 


  1. Hi! Just saw the reaction to this ad. Thanks for your valuable feedback. This ad was targetted to hardcore creative guys and it worked for us. The intended audience is aware of Joshbro as a creative agency that has won several national as well as as international awards...

    BTW this ad won the best recruitment ad award (Remmy Award) in the service category from Times of India.

    Narendra Joshi
    Managing Director
    Joshbro Communications

  2. Thank you Mr. Joshi for sharing this information with us.

  3. Think it would have been the same reaction if it was Lintas or JWT ! Me thinks O&M is just a clarion call for all creative birds to take a look and do something what the ad wanted them to. And am sure it has hit the dart right at the centre !

    VIVA joshbro. Good work !

    Hats off :-)

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