Friday, January 14, 2011

Michelin Tyre Campaign

The international tyre brand Michelin recently announced its presence in the Indian market with a print campaign. The ad which is a print version of their television commercial, appealed to the child in me thanks to the Michelin Man and the cute looking animals.

The claim in the advertisement that the tyre helps the vehicle stop upto three feet shorter is in a way similar to the Ceat bike tyre claim that focuses on the driver being able to stop the vehicle in the nick of time. However, while Ceat bike tyre deals with the foolishness and carelessness of people, Michelin’s message is that the tyre prevents the death of innocent animals on highways and lonely stretches of road.

Since I found the print ad appealing I searched the internet for Michelin tyre commercials and there were quite a few interesting commercials but
what I found more interesting were the comments. It’s quite obvious that people have a sort of emotional bond and there is also a sense of nostalgia while seeing the old commercials; one person for instance has commented that his/her mother loved the Michelin tyre commercial and was very happy to see it again on You Tube. Then there was also a rather amusing comment by another person, this person was scared of the Michelin Man as a child but now as an adult finds him quite cute.
The Michelin Man actually reminds me of the MRF tyre man. There was a time when MRF was almost synonymous with tyres in India. There is one difference however between the MRF man and the Michelin Man. The MRF man was more or less static; he did not play any active role in the advertisements. The muscled man holding up the tyre obviously symbolized the tyre’s strength and was  a part of the logo or the design of the ad. The Michelin Man on the other hand is reminiscent of all the super heroes like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. He sort of personifies the qualities of the tyre and plays the active role of saviour in the commercial. He therefore connects emotionally with the viewers. Will he be able to evoke the same emotional response in India as he has done internationally? Well that remains to be seen.


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