Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jealousy (ONIDA)

The Mortein campaign reminds me of another memorable campaign which happened in the late 1980s, that was the Onida TV campaign. Most people are aware of this campaign since it is truly memorable and one of its kind, it has been much discussed and written about, and is an excellent case study for students of advertising.

When you photograph a product for an ad it is taken for granted that it should look its best but in the Onida campaign it was exactly the opposite, the product, that is, Onida TV was shown with a cracked screen with a stone hurled at it. The devil was the mascot, but this devil seemed more friendly than sinister; he also looked funny to me. Jealousy was used as the buying motive. All this was truly path- breaking. It was a very successful campaign and it made Onida was one of the leading TV brands in India. In a way the Onida devil was similar to Louie the mosquito of Mortien, both essentially being negative characters but used positively.

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